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Pelam Foods

Pelam Foods, a global leader in food exports, needed to revamp its outdated website and create a modern, highly-functional site that better reflected its position as a global leader. The new website features a sleek, intuitive interface, and stunning visuals and is scalable and future-proof.

When Pelam Foods approached me for a website makeover, I knew it was a project that would require all of my expertise and attention. As a global leader in food exports, Pelam Foods needed a website that was visually appealing, highly functional, and easy to manage.

They had been struggling with an outdated website that was cumbersome to update and maintain. With over 20 tonnes of food and drink to deliver worldwide daily, they needed a website that could keep up with their demanding schedule and provide a seamless user experience for their customers.

To get started, I worked closely with Pelam Foods to understand their unique needs and goals. We began by revamping their logo and branding to give it a modern, polished look that better reflected their position as a global leader. From there, I designed an all-new website to showcase their supplier's products and services in the best possible light.

The new site features a sleek, intuitive interface that makes it easy for customers to find the information they need, whether browsing on a desktop or mobile device.

Pelam Foods now has a website that is visually appealing, highly functional, compliant, and easy to manage. They no longer need to worry about regular maintenance and updates, as I have built the site to be scalable and future-proof.

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