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Karibuni Children

Karibuni Children are a UK-based charity that works to help Kenyan children to fulfil their potential and release themselves from the cycle of poverty.

Karibuni Children is a UK-based charity that partners with local projects in Kenya to help children in poverty receive an education. They approached our web design business with a challenge: their outdated website was difficult to maintain, not user-friendly, and was not generating online sales. They needed a new website with a modern design and a robust e-commerce solution.

Challenges faced

The primary challenge that Karibuni Children faced was an outdated website that was difficult to manage and maintain due to frequent updates. As a result, their website was not visually appealing, and their online store was not generating any sales. The charity needed a new website that would be easy to manage and aesthetically pleasing.

Solution provided

I provided a comprehensive solution by building a completely new website from the ground up. I designed a fresh, modern look and feel that aligned with the charity's branding. The new website included a robust e-commerce solution that was easy to manage, allowing the charity to sell products online and generate vital funding.

The website was built on a brand-new platform that allowed the charity to easily manage content updates and the online store without tedious website updates. The website was hosted on AWS and Google Cloud multi-cloud hosting to ensure speed, reliability and security.

The results

Thanks to the new website's improved structure and optimised SEO that was carried out, Karibuni Children's website now appears at the top of page 1 on Google search results. As a result, the website's traffic has increased dramatically, and the online shop has experienced a boom in orders.

Most importantly, the website now communicates the charity's message and work to potential supporters and donors.

"Max did a stunning job in creating a modern, clean, easy-to-use website for our small charity, which helps to communicate the message and meaning of our work to potential supporters. This included an online shop, blog, multiple project pages and a lot of information and images which he beautifully designed into a user-friendly and inviting format. Thank you, Max!" - Abigail S, Operations Manager

The new website created for Karibuni Children has been a great success, providing a modern look and feel, a robust e-commerce solution, and a user-friendly interface for the charity's team to update moving forward.

The website has increased website traffic and generated vital funding for the charity, making it easier for them to fulfil their mission of helping Kenyan children in poverty receive an education.

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