Case Studies

Below you'll find a few projects with some additional information about each one.

Gobstoppers Theatre Arts

Performing Arts School


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Gobstoppers Acting School
Gobstoppers Mobile .png

Gobstoppers Theatre Arts is a drama-school based in Hertfordshire, UK.

They wanted a new, up to date design and responsive website that included some crucial features. These features included the ability for people to book and reserve tickets for a number of their popular shows, as well as book onto drama workshops.

Gobstoppers also wanted some advanced SEO work carried out, with the desire to raise awareness and reach people in their local area.

The Chip Shop Boys

UK Wedding & Function Band


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The Chip Shop Boys Website
The Chip Shop Boys Max Web Design

The Chip Shop Boys is largely regarded as one of the UK's top Wedding Bands.

The band was after a completely refreshed and revised website that reflected the band's success in this industry, whilst making it clear and concise for potential clients. A stunning, full page-feature was required to showcase the band's 'Live at Abbey Road Studios' collection of videos.

They also wanted advanced SEO work carried out that would continue to reinforce and boost the band's 20+ year reputation in the industry. With a large volume of enquiries received every week, it was essential that the website could keep up with demand.

The band also received a fresh re-brand, including new brand guidelines, colours and social media graphics and images.